The Station Lands

The opportunity exists now to purchase large amounts of prime infill development land surrounding the newly built Westminster Station. Over 50 acres located between 70th and 72nd Avenues, adjacent to Federal Blvd, in the City of Westminster, Colorado.

The lands are located directly adjacent to the the new FasTracks mass transit loading station known as Westminster Station, which just opened for operation in 2018. The area was recently master-planned by the city of Westminster to become a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) from 3 to 8 stories.

Land Capital is acting as a General Partner in newly formed entities whose sole purpose is to acquire and develop the station lands with development partners. With over 3 years experience in the Station Lands, Land Capital, has committed considerable resources and time in developing the area.

Northgate - Westminster Station


The Northgate land is zoned in the comprehensive plan as a Transportation Mixed-Use Neighborhood (TMUND) for a mix of uses blended to a density of 18 units/acre which would allow for up to 225 residential units. To acquire the land we have formed “Westminster Station Northgate LLC” and a team of General Partners that encompasses four substantial groups of seasoned real estate professionals each bringing their own track records and skill sets to the table to achieve success.

Hooker St - Westminster Station

Westminster Station - Hooker.png

Hooker St is the main corridor that connects 72nd Avenue to the Station. Currently it is comprised of Apartment and Commercial buildings. The Station Specific Plan allows for 5 story builds at 3.5 FAR. Existing apartment rentals are achieving metro Denver rental rates. Young professionals are utilizing the train to commute to Union Station in under 8 minutes. There is a strong demand for additional units along this corridor and supportive commercial uses. Land Capital is looking for additional financial partners to continue an existing assemblage that currently includes 7 different parcels.

Lowell Blvd - Westminster Station

Westminster Station - Lowell.png

Considered the “quiet side of the station” the Lowell Blvd Corridor has existing industrial buildings that can be developed into residential and commercial uses. Land Capital has partnered to buy and operate a self storage facility and an adjacent land parcel that has station frontage. Currently Land Capital is looking for additional partners to acquire surrounding land and begin developmental activities.

Station Frontage - Westminster Station

Westminster Station - Frontage.jpg

Considered station “beachfront” the station frontage currently hosts industrial facilities and vacant land bordering the station. Only a stones throw away from the FasTracks train stop and with new infrastructure and water allocation the area is ripe for development. The elegantly landscaped grounds surrounding the station serve as a world class amenity for future residents. Land Capital is in talks with existing stakeholders for joint venture development or buy-outs.

Westminster Station Regions.png