Highway 36 Land - Conoco Phillips 66 GDP

Land Capital is the only other land owner of the Conoco Phillips GDP. We believe the best use of the land is to conserve the land in its natural state while retaining view corridors. The current GDP is office and live-work space. We agree with this use to best preserve the land while also making it accessible to the public.

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The Lands proximity to Highway 36, a main corridor between Boulder and Denver, gives it regional circulation. Surrounded by a populace with the highest PHD per capita this corridor is brimming with technology & space companies. Neighboring Interlocken Office Park and the CTC Office Park are homes to exciting regional & national companies like Vail Corporation, Oracle, and Sierra Nevada Space Technologies.

Highway 36 Land

The terrain is prime for a natural office park. Both Interlocken and CTC are aged office parks with buildings of cheaper design and artificial landscape architecture. With the ~500 acres on this land there is ample space for natural parks & open space with public access. Office design will complement the landscape with each office zone complimenting the story of the land.

Phillips GDP.png

Our mission is to open the land and define the topography in zones where the priority is natural landscape conservation, view corridor retention, public access, and public safety.